Uniii獨角獸ʚ♡ɞ(PC Quest+DPS+GoGoLoco)

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♡Avi details♡

♡For Quest Version♡

Quest version Remove: Uniform. Dress. Long bangs. Princess hair. Ball. Glasses. Collar. Love. Tongue. High heels. Fish bone. Eye patch. Leith eye patch. Sleeping eye patch. all.Gogoloco

Removed all color changing wheels

Reserved switch: short hair, big ponytail, cat costume, black cat costume, flat bangs, snacks Race all

(Some unused animation files or objects may still remain in the Unity data, I have deleted as much as possible, please forgive me)
(Based on the example in the video, no refund request will be accepted)

The PC version has been tested with QUEST, and the switch is synchronized.

For more detailed switches and appearance settings, please check the Quest display video at the top of the store


❀Various phys interactive effects
(Eye mask. Touch nose. Get close to kiss. Blow bubbles. Get snacks)

❀Up to 100+ custom Toggles!!

❀Rare cute unicorn girl

❀unmanned aerial system concealable can watch with friends
(Non-friends and some friends cannot view)

❀Super Color Control Dial Function:Saturation/Color/Brightness/Eye Settings

❀Do you have difficulty choosing? No problem! We have random color changes

❀Not TDA and Game-rip

❀Blowing bubbles. boba tea

❀10+ accessories to choose from

❀7 positions of DPS correspondence

❀Exclusive special effects

❀Original pudding dynamic blinking effect (Thanks to my baby Mangoo for the guidance♥ )

No plagiarism is allowed,But I know it can't be avoided,if you really want to reference it for your Avatar,please give me creditIt's disrespectful to not give credit when you know the source of inspiration didn't come from you.If you are discovered by me,you will be publicly blacklisted by me.


❀Face: Starlynn & NIKKIE (Edit: By me&wennie1020) ❀Bace: Skuny (Body tex By:YingYangVR Edit:By me) ❀ICON:「awmi」

❀Eye Tex By:Kuma_0w0 (Edit: By me) Admire she beautiful masterpiece!!

❀Accessories: SashaYu & Cringy Store & milkymutt & ccwuvschu & VastayaVRAssets & wen & Nuusa & tabi & Gell & AlcTrap & oshenvr & Moonlight & Fooly & Blossom & Zeit & Parsley77 & The Oasis & Abnormal & Moonlight peach & KOLD &
D0main & SICKY& うさほ3号 & HoneyLab

❀Special:Axphy & Kiwa & sanria & Khailchips (I have contacted the author for cooperation and received permission for sales! You must purchase it yourself and import it into FBX for normal use)

❀Hair:Sleepy & apyr & Nessy & Saikura Tex:CicieaaaVR

❀Clothing: Sleepy & ccwuvschu & apyr & Hoeyume

❀Ear: Bunny Tiger Set ❀Tattoos: leopard Pretty Kitty Sweetheart


❀Authorized protection commission:Gonsodany

❀FX design & production: shiinayu
Thanks to her for doing a lot of testing and animation for Uniiii!

❀Photo shooting:alhassan44

❀18+ Video shooting commission:伊藤閣下 ❀Cute video shooting commission:HolyMoly可諾莉

THE Uniform.Unicorn GIF.Unicorn horn. Rabbit backpack.Braided double ponytail.Wings weight.Dress weight.Rabbit belt weight.Body Tex conversion.Cat suit shape key.Glasses weight.Headgear weight I did all the modeling, fixing the weights, and editing the materials.
(Even if you purchase any of the same content, it is forbidden to reuse any of my edited versions I spent a lot of effort and time Please follow the rules!!)!

If you want to use the uniforms I made, please come to the server and ask me♥

💕Thanks to the above creators for their work! Please let me know if I'm missing anything💕
💕Thanks to everyone who helped me make and test the avatar!💕

Thanks my Babe ♡wennie1020♡ for a lot of face editing

♡Import method♡

This Avatar need use your license key on gumroad to unlock and upload
After you authenticate, Avi will be displayed normally in the scene
Your license key can only be uploaded for one account and only unlock the content you purchased
Please note that once the upload error occurs, it cannot be changed.

Due to the operation of the protection system, uniii's folders will be a little cluttered, but everything work normally.
But you can still add objects normally

📌You must prepare the following documents yourself📌

-You must use VCC to upload and use VRCSDK 3.4.0 Unity: The latest version is 2022 (can be used with 2019 but not recommended)

-(For dps use)RalivDynamicPenetrationSystem v1.31

-(For Boba cup) https://khailchips.gumroad.com/l/Bobacup?layout=profile
You must purchase and import Khailchips’ boba cup Fbx option before it can be used normally.
If you do not purchase it, it will not be available after importing.(I have obtained permission from Khailchips)

-Follow the steps in the folder to import♡

If you are a Quest version player, please refer to the quest unity setting tutorial by yourself,first use other unity to upload the dps or no dps version of Avi pack,and use the Quest version of the unity project to upload directly with the same ID

(Please remember, as long as you buy any version of my avi, I will upload it for you for free,check out the upload answer in the server's FAQ thread
You can find all the information and send me a dm after reading it in detail, do not send friend invitations and ask others to upload for you)


♡Precautions♡ (important)

-My avi works very heavily, if it causes problems because of vrc update, I will fix it as soon as possible If it's a really small problem, I might overlook it

-As long as you buy any of my products, I can upload my avi for you for free
(For details, please refer to the uploaded Avi content of the FAQ discussion thread)

-I do not accept any refunds

-I do not accept 1-3 star reviews without a reasonI have the right to blacklist you if I think your reason is unreasonable or if you didn't tell me the reason for the comment

-No plagiarism is allowed, but I know it can't be avoided, if you want to reference it for your own Avatar, please give me credit
It's disrespectful to not give credit when you know the source of inspiration didn't come from you.
If you are discovered by me, you will be publicly blacklisted by me.

-If you have avi questions, please do not add my discord friend,just join my server and ask questions in the FAQ channel,If you add me I will refuse,but if you have private questions, you can send me a message after joining my server
(I'm from Taiwan because of the time difference, please be patient for a reply)

-Fur shader may have some weird shading effects on some maps If you mind, don't buy

-All my body shader settings and shader settings are not for reference or plagiarism I have the right to report you

-Parameters. FX.avi menu. The values ​​are all translated into English, but the animation also has a lot of Chinese Please don't mind buying again

-I don't mind if you use my avatar for live streaming or porn, but I'd like to know♥

-I'm from Taiwan, I'm Asian, my style has a baby face, it's very normal for me, all my characters are normal adult women



-No refunds will be accepted!!

-Prohibit claiming to be made by you

-You are not allowed to take parts off the model to use on your own.

-You cannot sell a model that has parts taken from the model.

-You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the model in any way.

-You are not allowed to make your upload public.

-You are not allowed to give out the package, model, or any parts from the model. Personal use only.

-If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatars, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators stated.

-You can use the avi I sell for live streaming, if you can, please credit me or let me know I'd love to see it

-You must follow the rules for all accessories

- don't refer to any of my shader settings

- You need to fill in the information correctly, otherwise if you fail to prove your own information, you will not be responsible for the results in the future

-Make sure you have uniform basics I can't guide you from start to finish, at least learn to watch teaching. be sure to check out the full store interface before asking,And please go to the server's ⏰∙┊𝐅𝐀𝐐┊∙⏰ channel to ask questions

(may increase at any time)

When you purchase, you can get a special gift from my baby Mango
💜Her first avi is amazing! be sure to check out her first avatar Raaku💜

(\ /) ʚDiscord server:discord.gg/UuKummCQhF
₍⑅•̤ ༝•̤₎ฅTwitter:https://twitter.com/Nai487 <<follow me♡

QQ:3264046902 可接受PAYPAL.支付寶or台灣人匯款購買 (有優惠!!)

let me know if there are any bug!!
♡ please enjoy ♡

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Cute unicorn girl♥

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♥If you have any questions, please ask in server. If you refund, you will be blacklisted.♥
♥This character is already an adult woman♥


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Uniii獨角獸ʚ♡ɞ(PC Quest+DPS+GoGoLoco)

71 ratings
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