ʚ♡ɞBooni兔ʚ♡ɞ(Vrchat Avatar Quest+DPS+Phys)

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💖 This is my first avatar for sale hope you like my baby Booni 💖
this is not a perfect avatar so please accept her partial flaws
I spent a lot of effort and time,please give me a review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I will try my best to keep improving

💵All editions are discounted for the for 5 days of sale!!💵

The only special time:4/27~5/1
✨Quest+DPS+No dps 50$>>45$
✨DPS+No dps 45$>>40$
✨No dps40$>>35$

💵Buy now💵

special offer end


✨For the installation method, please check the text information in the Unity package

You must have basic knowledge of Unity and Avatar!!

✨All versions are available for additional purchase upload
Change the color. Accessories, etc. will be charged separately

♡For Quest

❀Quest only has bunny costume switching and slippers off
(I tried really hard to optimize but I had to cut a lot of things I'm sorry(´;ω;`)

❀When you buy the Quest version, you can get the DPS+no dps version package!

❀Quest version will vary in color and I correspond to PHYS so the ears have included dynamic!

!!No refunds will be accepted after purchase!!



  • Not TDA and Game-rip
  • Clothing carousel to change the length of shirts and pull down bunny costumes
  • Comes with two stockings in total
  • Can be worn as you like
  • Two collars, one for the mouth bite version
  • Cat doll: can be placed in the world and control the size
  • Rose spring ball
  • multifunctional drawing pen,can be grabbed and fixed on the body Color-changed
  • 5 positions of DPS correspondence
  • Exclusive special effects
  • And very, very cute Phys touch function!!
    (Corresponding to all players and Quest players)



❀Face: Starlynn.NIKKIE (Edit: By me) ❀Bace:Panda (Edit: By me)

❀Hair:Dracy Nikkie WetCat

❀Clothing:Sleepy honeylab Hoeyume Dracy .(Sweater from Sleepy server)

❀panties:Loki stockings:xSnail (Edit:me)

❀straps&rosette:Hayami3D cat doll:Lunar Reef nipple stickers:𝘚𝘶𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘦™ collar:Fooly

❀bandage: Cimomo>>https://booth.pm/zh-tw/items/3731823

❀ring:bunisu sock:FillMyPantry slippers:Parsley77

❀rose flower:Zioketski (Thanks for the beautiful work♡)

❀Icon:bunamour Hair Tex:Wetcat

❀Pen: Vrlabs ❀Locomotion FIX: WetCat (Edit:Shiinayu)

❀Belly button ring. Cat paw: Sleepy server

❀ParticleIntensify By:https://raivovfx.booth.pm/items?page=5

❀Eye Tex By:https://twitter.com/Kuma_0w0_VRC (Edit: By me)
Admire she beautiful masterpiece!!

❀Special effects.GIF: By me
*Check out the Avatar showcase video

Thanks to the above creators for their work!
Please let me know if I'm missing anything


The fishnet stockings are made by kirara , I would like to thank her♡ (disassembly is prohibited!!)

Thanks my Babe ♡wennie1020♡ for a lot of face editing

(Even if you purchase any of the same content, it is forbidden to reuse any of my edited versions
I spent a lot of effort and time Please follow the rules!!)

All the materials are purchased by myself and my friend to assist with the purchase, and Nitro is my friend ♡CAVALO♡ to assist with payment and upgrade

Most of the materials take a lot of time to edit and transform, you are forbidden to disassemble any of them for personal or commercial use
Must follow the original author's rules, if I know that you are not using or obtaining my avatar properly, I will take DMCA sanctions



-No refunds will be accepted!!

-Prohibit claiming to be made by you

-You are not allowed to take parts off the model to use on your own.

-You cannot sell a model that has parts taken from the model.

-You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the model in any way.

-You are not allowed to make your upload public.

-You are not allowed to give out the package, model, or any parts from the model. Personal use only.

-If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatars, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators stated.

-Unsolvable for some underarm penetration issues and some angles that disappear,Make sure to buy if you can accept it

-You can use the avi I sell for live streaming, if you can, please credit me or let me know I'd love to see it
But for the terms of my free avi you have to check the rules for all accessories yourself I'm not responsible for your use

(\ /) ʚDiscord server:discord.gg/UuKummCQhF
₍⑅•̤ ༝•̤₎ฅTwitter:https://twitter.com/Nai487 <<follow me
QQ:3264046902 可接受PAYPAL匯款購買

Please let me know if there are any bug!!

please enjoy

-Quantity 1+
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    very poor
  • ʚ♡ɞBooni兔ʚ♡ɞ
  • ʚAvatar sizeɞ25MB
  • ʚPerformanceɞvery poor


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